The band program raises funds for various purposes during the school year.  Our largest fundraising focuses are for our travel during the marching season and to run the band program. Every fundraising opportunity will be available for ALL members of the Grizzly Band & Color Guard. What do fundraising dollars go for? 

1. Transportation

 2. Hotel accommodations  

3. Meals 

4. Cost of materials for the color guard 

5. Additional instructional staff 

 6. Maintenance/trip permits for the band trailer 

7. Contest entry fees

 8. Fees for music arrangements 

9. Equipment deemed necessary for the success of the entire program.  Various fundraising opportunities will present themselves to students during the year.  In order to get paid, all students must sign in and sign out with a chaperone at each fundraising event.   

Fundraising activities include, but are not limited to: 

1. Pledge carwashes – Students solicit pledges per car.  The band holds a free carwash where they wash 100 cars. e.g. A student has a total pledge amount of $1.35/car.  That student would bring in $135. Any donations made at the car wash will be divided among the workers. Understand that the real money is made through pledges. Fundraiser money must be turned in to treasurer within 10 days after completion of the fundraiser. 

2. Spring Dinner –  Students sell tickets for an early spring dinner.  They can make $15 for each ticket sold if they also work in some way at or for the dinner.  During the evening they can serve tables, work in the kitchen, be a childcare provider, a greeter, an entertainer, be on set up or take down crew.

 3. Annual Sponsorships – Donations can be made in the name of a student.  Various levels of donations are accepted. $500 level sponsorship will entitle the donor to annual logo advertising on a part of the band’s 48’ trailer.  $1000 donation entitles sponsor to three years of trailer advertising.

4. Dutch Oven Dinner and Auction- Very similar to the Spring Dinner, the kids will presale tickets and they will earn a portion of the tickets they sold, they must also work at or for the dinner.

5. Bucks for the Band- This one is really simple, we split the kids into three groups and they march around three sections of Fruitland. People come out of their houses and put money into the helmet.

6. TV Raffle- We try and get a TV donated, the kids sell tickets for the raffle which is drawn at the last home football game. 100% profit for the kids!

7. Clothing for the Cause- Another simple fundraiser. We pick a collection day and everyone brings in as many bags of clothing, blankets, sheets, towels, shoes and other such textiles. Then they bring a truck to pick it all up, weigh it and send us a check. The more weight we have the better the price per pound we get. We also have a drop box next to the band room for donations all year.

8. Zombie Apocalypse- This is a fun one! Think flag football vs. obstacle course but with Zombies. Contestants start out with a belt with 3 white flags, they have to make it through the obstacle course without the Zombies taking their flags. If they lose all their flags they can buy more from the medics walking around the course.